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Do you have chronic hiccups?

47317093_MHiccups happen because of diaphragm spasms (also known as contractions). Most people are used to getting the hiccups once in while, usually for only a few minutes at a time. But if your hiccups last for two days or longer, it can be a chronic health concern.

Why chronic hiccups are a problem

Chronic hiccups can be a problem for many reasons. First, they can interfere with sleep, which may lead to fatigue. They can also affect your appetite, which may lead to unhealthy weight loss.

Who gets chronic hiccups?

Certain groups are more at risk for chronic hiccups than others. We do know that the condition occurs more in men than in women. In addition, you may be at greater risk for chronic hiccups if you recently had surgery for digestive issues, have cancer, are pregnant or suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Treatment of chronic hiccups

If you think you have chronic hiccups, see your medical provider right away. They may want to run tests to determine if you have an underlying ailment that is causing the hiccups. If so, that ailment or condition will determine the most effective treatment for you.