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Nursing Home Tips for a Successful Survey!

Text Survey Success Tips:
 *   Have an effective Morning Meeting everyday with effective discussion of weekly topics! Constant Quality Improvement activity that these weekly reviews are necessary to keep the important topics top of mind.
 *   Work your systems: Skin Care, Fall Prevention, Psych Med Protocols, Restraint Reduction, Weight Loss Management, Infection Control- These are the survey topics, these are the quality measure topics, these are the areas that are creating rehospitalizations.
 *   Be sure nurses are well versed in the Aim for Wellness Program- and all staff is using the Early Warning Tool- This Detects changing conditions early, starts assessment early, starts treatment early, documents effectively, prevents extreme results (UTIs, Pressure Ulcers) Prevents Rehospitalizations
 *   Restorative Programming! Increases Resident movement & toileting leading to less incontinence, less UTI, less pressure ulcer, less behaviors, less pain, less restraint use, less decline in ADLs, less Falls = BETTER SURVEYS & better QMs
 *   Hold effective CMI Meetings- focuses on Residents conditions and services that will improve Resident outcomes- leads to better documentation
 *   Assign hallways to management team- QI tours of the hall by the Manager should happen at least 4 times a day! The team should know the hall and the Residents and family inside and out to be able to resolve problems and keep staff happy and the hall in perfect working order and survey ready at every minute. (up to the minute resolution of problems reduces complaint surveys)  No holes in CNA Documentation, make sure Restorative is done & documented. Everyone is coming to CMI- everyone should know who is on Restorative!
 *   Assign nurse mangers to each hall to spot check documentation to the 24 hour book, MARs TARs, Weekly skin checks and skin measurements/CROPs