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What to do when you have asthma and spring allergies

woman with allergies

If you have asthma and seasonal allergies, it can seem like the worst of both worlds. Not only must you make sure to keep your asthma under control year ‘round, but when spring comes, allergies can make that even harder. Here are some tips that may help you.

Do daily pollen checks

It may be a nuisance but check the pollen count of your area daily. Consider the quality of the air when deciding on your outdoor activities for that day. If your asthma is already acting up, see if you can change your plans or at least reduce the time spent with triggers.

Know when to do yard work

If you often find yourself outdoors out of necessity (say, when doing yard work or caring for your garden), know the best times to go. Pollen counts are typically at their lowest in the early morning and early evening. Try to restrict the time you spend in your yard to these windows. If you can’t, consider wearing a particle mask while you take care of the weeds.

Don’t bug out

The things that keep bugs away, like citronella candles and sprays, may also cause your asthma to act up. Try to stand at least three feet away from such candles and use bug repellant lotion instead of spray.